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What is this thing called ME?

What is this thing called ME?

What is this thing called ME?

If I had never looked in a mirror what would I think I am?  If I close my eyes and stop thinking, just being aware, I feel like I am some kind of HUM.    …MMMMMMM……. 

I can feel my body sensation, but I don’t feel like I am female or male.  I don’t feel ugly or beautiful…I just AM. Hummming…mmmm…

I wonder if other people have the same experience?   Or am I just an insatiably curious being, asking questions of myself well beyond my education?

The ME feels exactly the same today, now, as the ME felt within as a tiny child.  I don’t feel old or young.   I just feel….

Perhaps the only change is that I can see further. Beyond my little yard and past the city limits. That is a new awareness which continually expands. Yet the ME that looks through this and learns is still the same HUM….mmmmmm……


Cat sitting…Mind knitting


Cat sitting quietly by me while my mind knits the yarn of a dozen colourful thoughts…..each thought a strand in the process of creating a new pattern…a new reality….
From whence did each thought arise….did I choose…did I allow these little creatures access to my awareness…did I create them……what is  a  thought?…and what is asking this question?

…a new reality manifesting…I CAN choose….